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Frequently Asked Question's

Frequently Asked Question's

Is the chat integration/widget included in the price?

Absolutely, we provide you with everything you need to get started

What do you mean by a shared agent?

Our support agents are trained to multitask meaning the agent can be 'shared' between up to five other sites or clients, depending on the work load. This enables us to share the cost of the agent and pass savings onto you.

How can we tell if the agent is doing his job?

Within your account you have access to statistics such as number of chats, visits and of course missed chats. There are also chat transcripts available enabling you to read through and make sure the agent is attending to your clients needs.

Is this secure & is my information private?

Yes, we offer SSL grade encryption, your information which we understand can be sensitive is only stored on our servers and never shared or sold to a third party.

What countries do you support?

At this stage we only support English speaking countries, we can however support other languages on our dedicated plans on request.

Where are your staff located

Our facilities are located in Brisbane and India, all our staff have been previously employed and trained by various organisations such as Vodafone.

What happens if the agent is sick or can’t work?

We take measures to ensure we can deliver an SLA of 99.9% uptime. Both shared and dedicated agents work as part of a team, meaning we always train aadditional agents to provide redundancy if needed.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can terminate your subscription at any time.

What if I need assistance for any reason?

We have our own support team standing by 24/7 to help you.

Can you help me integrate the Chat on my website?

We will give you all the assistance required to get you up and running.

How do you learn my business?

We start by building a knowledge base which is stored within your account, both you and the support agents can access this readily. We start populating the knowledge base with our initial questionnaire followed by a one on one with a local representative. We do understand it is an ongoing process so you do have access to all the necessary tools to continue training such as live message boards, email, chat and even a phone number to talk to someone directly.

What types of businesses is LiveYes suited for?

Pretty much any business with a website, you may just want us to greet every visitor and generate leads or assist customers with their shopping cart or product queries or on a very basic level just have a human presence on your site to separate you from your competition. know matter what your needs are having a live presence on your website is beneficial.

Why are you so cheap, it would cost thousands for me to hire someone?

Unless you choose a dedicated plan, your support agents are shared between up to five sites meaning the costs are shared also. You aren’t just getting a single support agent but rather a team of five agents all trained to handle your individual requirements. This also gives you redundancy as staff do take holidays and have sick leave.

Do I need to install software and maintain it?

Not at all, we simply provide you or your web developer with a line of code that is inserted into the pages you wish to display the chat module. Alternatively we can do it for you. There isn’t any maintenance required and if you choose to terminate the service the code simply can be deleted.

Can we respond to customers if we wish?

On request we can add this feature to your account.

Is this proven and tested?

Absolutely, we have been providing chat support for the past 8 years.

What payment methods do you offer?

All major credit cards and off course Paypal.

How quick can this be activated?

We can have the chat module on your site in a matter of hours, training depends on how fast we receive the questionnaire and off course the complexity of your requirements, for example, if you just want us to greet customers and provide you with leads its a relatively simple process, alternatively if we need access to your CMS, order tracking systems etc. the training process will take longer. On average it takes days not weeks.

Is there a minimal service term?

No, we even give you a 14 day trial!

Is liveYes a sales tool or customer service tool?

LiveYes is a tailored solution, meaning if you just want us to greet and generate leads we can, alternatively we can take a customer service role and assist your clients with product information and reduce abundant shopping carts by prompting them and reassuring them there is a human presence.

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