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Your privacy and safety is primary to us. Your uses of the LiveYes website or your registration for any of LiveYes services represent your authorization to the Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy by any means, kindly refrain from using the LiveYes website. We obtain only individualised data on our website visitors when such information is given willingly. However, we may also collect nonspecific information exclusively to verify the success and value of LiveYes.

This generic information we collect for the above purpose may include the time spent by visitors at various pages of the site, visitors' domain name types (.com, .org, etc.) and the originating web page of the visitor and does not disclose the visitor’s identity.

LiveYes reserves all right to gather data about its visitors and users to enhance its services in the future.

We do not support selling or disclosing data gathered about our visitors or users to any third party unless approved by the visitor or user in any form or means. We do not send "junk" e-mail, also known as "spam". In certain cases, when we wish to contact clients via e-mail, respond to messages, confirm purchases, or transmit information requested by a visitor, we will use e-mail. Any time a client or visitor receives an e-mail which they do not want from us, they can request that we do not send such e-mails.

Safety and precautionary measures are set to protect all data transmitted while a purchase is made. Our employees and subcontractors are required to protect the privacy of such data. We want our visitors and clients to know that their privacy is assured while using their account or making any purchase from us. Since we maintain accuracy in all data we acquire from our visitors and clients, we will attempt to validate the data and will ask our clients to notify us of in case of inaccuracies or errors of which they may know from their online account records.

LiveYes reserve the right, to modify, amend, add, edits or delete portions from this Privacy Policy Statement at any time as per our sole discretion. As a result, visitors and users of LiveYes are expected to be updated with the Policy from. Any changes to the policy will be posted on this site in advance at a prominent area of the website.

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