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How it works

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How it works

We understand customer service and know the importance of hiring the right person with the necessary qualities to make sure your customers are satisfied.

All our staff are trained and experienced in customer service with a minimal of three years working for some of the largest companies around the globe.

Each support agent is put through a specialized training process tailored for your needs so that they understand exactly what you wish to achieve and how you would like your business to be represented.

We also understand its an ongoing process so we provide all the necessary tools to make sure you can communicate and provide feedback as required.

Step 1. Sign up


Once registered we will ask you to provide us with some basic information about your business such as...

  • Your website address
  • Chat module customization
  • Tone and greeting
  • Basics regarding your business

Step 2. Briefing & Training


Our Brisbane based management team will review the information and conduct an analysis of your website. This will be followed up by a phone call to discuss any further requirements.

We then will build a knowledge-base and provide training for the operators assigned to you.

Step 3. Go live!


We provide you with a simple piece of code to be inserted into one or more nominated pages on your website which will then display the chat module.

We can either install it for you, you can do it yourself or organize it with your web developer.

Ongoing Support

Once your up and running the process doesn’t have to stop there! Within your account there are all the necessary tools to monitor your agents performance and provide feedback as required.

Live message board

Document your comments and feedback using your very own message board. Agents will refer to this as an ongoing training tool.

Reports & Analytics

All the performance data you need at your finger tips to monitor not only your agents performance but also visitor trends and be havior.

Chat transcripts

All chat interactions are either emailed or send via SMS to yourself or to one or more nominated users.

Lead generation

If you opt for a more pro-active approach we can greet every visitor with the aim to convert into a lead and instantly email or SMS the details to you.


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To install LiveYes, put this code on every page of your website just before the closing </body> tag

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